Sabrina Vourvoulias’ Ink is about a nation in which “passing” means being able to hide the code tattooed inside the wrist of every person foreign- born or of foreign ancestry. It is a complicated system of blues and blacks and greens meant to be permanent, but that can be obscured or even removed by those with the resources or inclination. It is a nation in which one’s status can shift from one day to the next, depending on political currents or even on whether or not one is pregnant. In other words, it is a nation much like the one we live in today, which is why six years after it was first published, Ink is still pertinent and coming out in a new edition. — from the new introduction to Ink by Kathleen Alcalá

Novel, Rosarium Publishing, September 2018. Click to pre-order.

2 thoughts on “Ink 2018

  1. Hello,
    I’m faculty at a university; I am requiring this book for reading this semester but just learned the 1st edition is out of print. Can someone verify the length of this new edition? Amazon is listing it at over 400 pages. Is this accurate? To what extent is this an expanded edition of the novel? Thank you.


    1. Hi Y,
      The new edition is 400+ pages, mostly because it is laid-out to be much more readable than the first edition was (i.e., larger margins, white space before section breaks, etc.). The only new content is an introduction written by Kathleen Alcalá, and updated author’s bio and acknowledgments. I can give you the publisher’s email address if you need it (email me at: editor@sabrinavourvoulias.com), to inquire about any special university discounts. Best regards, Sabrina Vourvoulias


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