• Teeth • Broken Ground • Haiku for Japan • Guatemala to Arizona • Fata Morgana • Now and Then • Poem with a line from the Desert Fathers. Dappled Things • Excerpt from A Season of Grandmothers. We’Moon  • Ixquic’s Song for Guatemala. Graham House Review, Colgate University Press • Suite for Rosario Godoy de…

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• The smell of masa in the morning • Changeable skins, consummate catchphrases • Introduction to “Winds that Stir Vermillion Sands” • Putting the I in Speculative: Looking at U.S. Latino/a Writers and Stories

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Q & A

• The metafictional, liminal, lyrical ways of writer Carmen Maria Machado • What do Mexican lotería and George R. R. Martin have in common? • ‘Lowriting’ explores Chicano identity though lowriders • Meet David Bowles, author of ‘The Smoking Mirror’ • Daniel José Older: Urban Fantasy steps up • Nuestras Voces, Our Voices: Emerging Latina writers…

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Book reviews

• Among others • The Assimilated Cuban’s Guide to Quantum Santería • ¡Ban this! • Count on me • Cuenta conmigo • How Winter Began • The Other Half of the Sky • Oz reimagined • Subversion

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