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Latino millennial voters: Get ready to send a message

aldianewsA long-form piece about the Latino millennial voter — in Pennsylvania and the nation — and the apps that intend to register them and magnify their electoral power.

Rubio’s story is the American dream. His policies are an immigrant’s nightmare.

the guardianThe more cynical among us might poke fun at, and poke holes into, the idea of “the American Dream” in this era of unprecedented inequality. But the majority of Latino millennials still believe in it, according to a 2014 study contrasting Latino millennials to their non-Latino counterparts.

Active shooter situations are traumatic to children – even when they are just drills

the guardianAfter Sandy Hook, students across America have seen schools introduce active shooter simulations involving gunfire, masked men running down school halls and “victims”. These drills are realistic, and in some cases, downright terrifying. Arguments that support them hinge on the belief that the verisimilitude predicts actual behavior and increases the chance of survivability in a real event.

Morales-gate is not a morality play, but a painful farce

aldianewsA 2016 Keystone Award-winning editorial

When a young Latino dies in our city, there is only silence

aldianewsRecipient of a 2015 “Ongoing News Coverage” Keystone Award; as well as a 2015 Keystone award and a José Martí award for editorial

Ruling punches us in the face

aldianewsA 2014 José Martí Award-winning editorial

Poston to Philadelphia

aldianewsLong-form piece about immigration activist Hiro Nishikawa, a survivor of the Japanese American internment camps of World War II.



Why do I cast no shadow?

A Silk about reaction and non-reaction to the police shootings of Latinos in the U.S.

Adobe Slate commentaries:

Jeh Johnson, Michael Nutter & Donald Trump

Flashing Trump

Will 2016 bring about the GOP’s extinction event?


The Fight for Education

youtubeThe Fight for Education: An Al Dia Documentary Op-Ed. The Pennsylvania state constitution states that, “The General Assembly shall provide for the maintenance and support of a thorough and efficient system of public education.” Yet in Philadelphia, where one out of three students comes from a low-income household, education is severely underfunded.

Journalism in conflict

youtubeFour young Philadelphia journalists answer questions about their take on future of conflict journalism.


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