PRI’s The World

What does protest sound like? For this Philadelphia activist, it’s the eight-string jarana. Yared Portillo, a Philadelphia community activist, has four of them: One she built from scratch; two others were secured from renowned artisans; the final one — received broken and in pieces from a friend — she carefully repaired and made whole again.

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These Kensington community leaders were fighting the heroin crisis long before Dr. Oz showed up The people in these neighborhoods have been promised a lot, but have received little actual help.

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The Guardian US

My immigration dystopia novel was called ‘far-fetched’. Not anymore In 2012, when my novel was published, readers felt sure it could never happen in the US. Now they’re calling it prescient • • • Donald Trump’s kryptonite: millions of active – and furious – Latino voters If Latinos vote in record numbers, we could be…

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Carmen Guerrero: From survivor of kidnapping to Philadelphia immigrant leader “Living in uncertainty and as if I was stepping on quicksand, I participated in and organized marches … Without realizing it, we had organized the community — groups of women, young Dreamer students, day laborers.” • • • Talking racial equity? Make sure you understand…

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Philadelphia Weekly

Multiple Philadelphia organizations say latest ICE raid was made to put immigrants ‘in their place’ Last week, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement released information about the arrests of 498 undocumented persons as part of “Operation Safe City.” • • • Sadly, hate has a home in Chester County: Black Coatesville family latest victim of Nazi vandals…

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NBC 10

In South Philly, a Lati-Mex Basketball League Stands Tall A fascinating league binding the Latino and Mexican communities of Philadelphia is built on friendship, religion and hustle. • • • A Chemist, a Feminist, and a Catholic Theologian Go to the March for Science… …and they all are scheduled to speak at the same time.…

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Philadelphia Magazine

Inside the Seriously Exhilarating Black Comic Book Scene Ta-nehisi Coates’ Black Panther is the tip of the iceberg. With the East Coast Black Age of Comics Convention in Philadelphia this weekend, and Amalgam Comics opening in Frankford, the scene around comic creators of color is in full swing. • • • When Philly Woman Reported…

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After deportation, the long way home For two men from Philadelphia the distance back is measured in more than miles. • • • In Philly, signing a change in reentry narratives Yes, quite literally, signing.

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City & State PA

Immigration’s impact as seen through a trip to the supermarket Even more than the sudden (and gratifying) proliferation of small ethnic food shops, there is no easier way to mark demographic changes than by walking into a “general interest” supermarket and noting what is offered in its produce section. • • • Putting a price…

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Al Día News

Latino millennial voters: Get ready to send a message A long-form piece about the Latino millennial voter — in Pennsylvania and the nation — and the apps that intend to register them and magnify their electoral power. • • • Morales-gate is not a morality play, but a painful farce A 2016 Keystone Award-winning editorial…

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