Carmen Guerrero: From survivor of kidnapping to Philadelphia immigrant leader

“Living in uncertainty and as if I was stepping on quicksand, I participated in and organized marches … Without realizing it, we had organized the community — groups of women, young Dreamer students, day laborers.”

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Talking racial equity? Make sure you understand these 17 words

Since a shared vocabulary is the necessary first step for discussing racial equity, Generocity has put together a glossary of terms you might find useful.

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Semra Filikçi’s year of living resolutely

If you did not speak English, could not work in your profession, and knew nobody but your husband (who was busy getting his doctorate), what would you do to feel at home in Philadelphia?

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For LGBTQ-identified folks, Census 2020 represents both a missed opportunity and an opportunity not to be missed

Community organizations and LGBTQ-serving nonprofits have an opportunity to educate on the benefits of participation in Census 2020 despite omission of a specific question about sexual orientation and gender identity.

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Talking 10 years of Generocity: A Q&A with Technically Media’s CEO Chris Wink

“I really credit Sandra [Baldino] with the early foresight to want to impact the philanthropy community of Philadelphia,” says Chris Wink while reflecting on Generocity’s 10th anniversary. “She did something very powerful for the region.”

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In conversation with Bill Golderer: On changes at Philly’s United Way, his new hires and the bat signal

The CEO with a gift for memorable turns-of-phrase and pop culture allusions has a plan to drop Philadelphia’s poverty rate by six percentage points.

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March is going to The ‘Burbs

Even if you don’t buy into the stereotypes, you might be forgiven for wondering what need could there possibly be for social impact organizations to work in the four wealthiest counties in the state. As it happens, there is plenty of need.