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It is epic (part Homer, part Gabriel García Márquez) when three siblings all end up plying the same trade at different venues. Meet my brothers — editors at Latino news media organizations; journos and writers extraordinaire.

Alberto Vourvoulias (Freelance journalist and editor, and professor at CUNY School of Journalism. Formerly: managing editor of; executive editor of Impremedia and El Diario/La Prensa; managing editor of Art News; deputy editor of Time Magazine Latin American edition. He recently returned from Italy where he was Visiting Scholar at the American Academy in Rome.)

His website:

Undocumented Journalism

Recent columns at Fox News Latino:

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Opinion: Donald Trump and Silvio Berlusconi, politicians separated at birth?

Recent columns at AL DÍA News Media:

Gentrification: The eviction next time

In the belly of gentrification

Refugees welcome: Soccer has its We Are the World moment

The Pope and the elephant

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Bill Vourvoulias (Freelance journalist and editor. Formerly: assignment editor at Fox News Latino; senior editor, ESPN Books; managing editor, Interview Magazine; managing editor, Radar magazine; senior editor, Talk magazine; freelance writer, Time magazine; fact checker, The New Yorker.)

His magazine:

V as in Victor

Some recent articles at Fox News Latino:

Holocaust group applies lessons learned from Nazi victims to massacres in Latin America

‘House on Mango Street’ author Sandra Cisneros traces her life through places she’s lived

Mexican tourists bombed in Egypt were on spiritual journey, relatives say

Researchers determine South American fossil is oldest sea turtle on record

Restaurant owner on ‘White Appreciation Day’ furor: ‘Never will I regret it, never will I apologize’

Website thumbs its nose at Sen. Ted Cruz and his presidential ambition

Anger over U.S. citizen turned vigilante who faces stiff sentence in Mexico